Libero Strijkorkest

Libero String Orchestra is a young ensemble founded in 2016 by a group of ambitious professionals in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The orchestra is distinguished by its youthful enthusiasm and energy, high-quality level of performance and unconventional presentation.

The name Libero, meaning 'free', represents their goal to play classical music with a modern touch: by heart, liberated from music scores, stands, and without a conductor. The choice to perform by heart allows for the quality of the ensemble to improve, but also favors the contact between musicians and audience. As an orchestra with such a characteristic international nature, their aim to find ways to communicate beyond the standard is also accentuated.

Libero String Orchestra strives to perform in scenarios of different natures: traditional venues, churches, festivals and - most of all - in unfamiliar territory; to bring classical music to places where it is heard too little or not at all. 

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